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Unique and Effective
Product Detailed Pages for e‑commerce.

We help brands selling online stand out from the competition and increase sales.

Our Customers:

What services do we provide?

E‑commerce Product Cards (Rich Content)
We specialize in designing, programming, and implementing Rich Content product cards for e‑commerce.
We handle each client step by step, following proven processes. A team of experienced specialists oversees the projects, including Researchers, SEO/Content writers, UX/UI Designers, Front-end and Back-end Developers, Project Managers, and Account Managers.
All processes and tools used by our team are tailored to the specific needs of online-selling brands. Thanks to this, our clients' products look more attractive compared to the competition, and the comprehensive information contained in the product cards makes it easier for buyers to make purchase decisions.
We create and implement Rich Content product cards on various B2C and B2B e‑commerce. platforms, marketplaces, and manufacturer's shops.

What could a project look like for you?

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What sets our Rich Content product cards apart?

We believe that buyers need attractive, engaging, and comprehensive product presentations in e‑commerce. to make quick and informed purchasing decisions. Therefore, we create product cards following a proven process that includes the following stages:
Custommerce – skuteczna sprzedaż internetowa, zwiększanie sprzedaży w sklepie
Stage 1 - Onboarding
Each of our clients is continuously supported by two dedicated supervisors who oversee the progress of work.
Stage 2 - Desk research
Analyzing competition and researching information that consumers seek when looking to buy a product from the brand.
Stage 3 - SEO / Content Writing
We create content optimized for SEO and written in a benefit-oriented language.
Stage 4 - UI / UX Design
All product cards designed by us take into account the brand's specific requirements and incorporate best practices in UI / UX design.
Stage 5 - Programming
Our product cards utilize interactive elements that allow customers to experience and explore the product online.
Stage 6 - Implementation and reporting
On behalf of our clients, we coordinate the product card implementation process with distributors, saving them valuable time.

We work with the biggest brands and market leaders in their industries

Brands operating in various industries use our knowledge and experience to efficiently execute projects that impress their customers, business partners, and competitors.

Home appliance industry

The immensely strong position of local retail chains and diverse competition in this industry make high-quality Rich Content product cards an absolute must.
Some of our clients include:

Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical brands have started to realize that consistent product communication in e‑commerce., aligned with ATL campaigns, is a vital element of their marketing and sales strategy.
Some of our clients include:

Cosmetic industry

The wide array of products in the cosmetics industry on the Polish market can be overwhelming. Standing out in e‑commerce. amidst the competition is a common challenge for clients in this industry.
Some of our clients include:

Electrical installation industry

Brands in this industry are successfully catching up with digital transformation. B2B e‑commerce. platforms (e.g., notice significant sales impact from Rich Content product cards.
Some of our clients include:

Interior design industry

This industry boasts significant visual potential, but product presentations in e‑commerce. have been overlooked for years. Nevertheless, pioneers are redefining standards in this sector.
Some of our clients include:

Other industries

Poland has thousands of online stores, many of which operate in niche markets. We have the essential expertise and experience to support such brands effectively.
Some of our clients include:

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The Results of Our Rich Content Product Cards

See the impact that Rich Content product cards can have:
Increase in Sales Revenue
Increase in Average Product Orders
Increase in Average Time Spent on Product Pages
Decrease in Bounce Rate
The above data pertains to selected product subpages of the fischer brand on in June 2021 (when Rich Content was already functional), compared to the results from June 2020 (before the implementation of Rich Content product cards).

Our Solutions are Implemented by Major B2C and B2B Distributors in Various Industries

What could a project look like for you?

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e-commerce Poland Award 2022 for Custommerce

Custommerce Wins the e‑commerce. Poland Awards 2022!

Our unique approach to presenting fischer brand products on the platform wins in the
„Best adaptation to new digital reality B2B” category at the 10th anniversary of the e‑commerce. Poland Awards competition.
Competition: Category: Project: Client: Distributor:
e‑commerce Polska awards Best adaptation to new digital reality Custommerce Fischer Polska

Why Should You Collaborate
With Us?

We believe that good Rich Content goes beyond just beautiful graphic design. That's why our team, processes, and tools are tailored to the specific needs of brands selling online, making our Rich Content product cards simply more effective.
Large Industry Experience
We have collaborated with numerous brands in the industries we serve.
Understanding Distributor Requirements
We are a trusted partner well-versed in the requirements and technical specifications of e‑commerce. platforms.
Proven Collaboration Process
Over the years, we have developed and continuously optimized project execution processes to ensure every client is at ease.
Seeing Products Through the Eyes of Customers
We create our solutions, considering the brand's specific requirements and understanding the needs of end customers.
Team of Experts
We guarantee that each project is handled by a group of experienced specialists.
Dedicated Support Systems and Tools
We develop our own systems and tools that enhance the comfort and security of our collaboration.
Comprehensive Project Support
Each project has two dedicated supervisors, as we understand the importance of effective communication.
Simultaneous Support in Multiple Industries
We utilize best practices from different industries to build a competitive advantage for our clients.

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