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Privacy Policy

Information Regarding Data Collection through Cookies.
  1. The service does not automatically gather any information except for data contained within cookie files. Cookies, commonly referred to as "cookies," represent computer data, specifically textual files, that are stored on the terminal device of the Service User. These files are intended for the utilization of the Service's web pages. Typically, cookies encompass the originating website's name, the duration of their storage on the terminal device, and a distinctive numerical identifier. The entity responsible for deploying cookie files on the Service User's terminal device and acquiring access to them is the operator of Service, headquartered at ul. Wyspiańskiego 16/4, 60-750 Poznań.
  2. Cookies serve the following purposes:
    • Adapting the content of the Service's web pages to align with User preferences and optimizing the experience of web page usage. In particular, these files facilitate device recognition and presentation of the web page in a manner tailored to individual requirements.
    • Compiling statistics to fathom how Service Users interact with web pages, thus enabling the enhancement of their structure and content.
    • Sustaining the Service User's session post-login, negating the need to repeatedly input login credentials on every subpage of the Service. The Service utilizes two primary categories of cookies: "session cookies" and "persistent cookies." "Session cookies" are transient files retained on the User's terminal device until logout, departure from the website, or cessation of the software (web browser). "Persistent" cookies are retained on the User's terminal device for the duration specified within the parameters of the cookie files or until User deletion. The subsequent cookie types are employed within the Service:
    • "Essential" cookies, facilitating the use of services accessible within the Service. These include authentication cookies used for services necessitating authentication within the Service.
    • Cookies dedicated to security, employed for identifying authentication-related misconduct within the Service.
    • "Performance" cookies, permitting the collection of information regarding the manner in which Service Users interact with web pages.
    • "Functional" cookies, allowing for the "memory" of User-selected settings and personalization of the User interface. This encompasses chosen language or region, font size, web page appearance, and more.
    • "Advertising" cookies, enabling the delivery of advertising content that is better aligned with User interests. In numerous instances, web browsing software (web browser) inherently authorizes the storage of cookie files on the User's terminal device. Service Users possess the capacity to modify cookie settings at their discretion. These adjustments may include blocking automatic handling of cookie files within web browser settings or receiving notifications regarding their placement on the User's terminal device. Comprehensive information concerning cookie file management options and methods is available within software settings (web browser). The Service Operator hereby advises that limitations pertaining to cookie file usage may potentially impact certain functionalities accessible via the Service's web pages. Cookie files placed on the Service User's terminal device, and their utilization, may also extend to advertisers and partners collaborating with the Service Operator.